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The Anouka Chronicles

If you like “Harry Potter” or “Narnia” then you’ll love this, the second book in the “Anouka Chronicles” series …A new series of books from a fresh young author named Philippa W Joyner.

“Philippa Joyner’s debut novel grabs you from the very first page. It is extremely well thought out, very visual, and Philippa shows great skill in making her engaging characters spring to life as individuals you care about. Readers will find themselves quickly drawn into their unique and fast paced adventures. Full of excitement, quirky humour and magical wonder. A real page turner this. I bought it as a present and read it all in one go before wrapping it up. It deserves more stars, but five is the maximum available to give! I have a feeling that Anouka will entrance a great many readers. Read it – you’ll be hooked!”

Available in Paperback, Hardback or Kindle Edition

From £4.99 inc VAT

In a desperate plea to save Anouka from complete demise, William and Rosabella Joy are hurled into a web of strange new friends. more

William and Belle Joy are privy to a ghostly apparition in church. The apparition is stuck in time, unable to reach home. more

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